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NCSRA Proposed Referee Fee Increase to NCYSA
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NCSRA has sent a proposed referee fee increase proposal to NCYSA for consideration at the NCYSA AGM in January.  NCSRA does not set referee fees.  That is the province of the playing associations so this proposal is merely our recommendation.  It is up to NCYSA to adopt, modify or reject this proposal.  If you have any strong feelings about the issue you should make your opinion known to your local playing association who constitute the voting members of NCYSA.

The proposal can be accessed from the link below.  The set of fees labeled "Projected Fees" are those being proposed.  The other sets are provided for comparative information.

Referee Fee Increase Proposal


Additionally, if you want to register your opinion on this topic and other referee issues please click the link below to complete a survey form.  It is fairly short.


Referee Opinion Survey

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