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Check Your 2021 USSF Registration Status
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To: All NC Officials

From: Paul James, State Referee Administrator

Re: 2021 US Soccer Registration Year is closing shortly

The US Soccer Registration database will be closing for the 2021 year on June 30, 2021.  To be registered for 2021 your record must have been uploaded before then.  If you believe you have fully completed all certification requirements for one or more registration types (referee, assessor, assignor, instructor, mentor, futsal referee), please look in your Arbiter profile under your custom fields tab to confirm that you have been uploaded to USSF for 2021 for each position you for which you believe you have completed certification.

The fields you should see are listed below.  If they have a value of 2021 in them then your record has been uploaded for that position.  If it is blank then it has not.  If you believe it should not be blank, first go to the central hub and check your eligibility requirements to see if you have completed all requirements for that position.  If you have not please complete the missing ones ASAP.  If you have please contact NCSRA at and let us know what needs to be corrected so your record can be uploaded.

If you are a new referee who has paid registration for 2021 and have not yet completed all requirements or only recently completed all requirements, don’t worry about 2021 registration.  We will be uploading your records after July 1, 2021 as 2022 registrations.  This will allow you to referee from July 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022.

Here are the custom fields to check:

For Grassroots referees 2021 USSF R = 2021

For Regional referees both 2021 USSF R = 2021 AND 2021 USSF RR = 2021

For Assessors or Ref Coaches 2021 USSF E = 2021

For Assignors 2021 USSF A = 2021

For Futsal referees 2021 USSF F = 2021

For Instructors 2021 USSF I = 2021

For Mentors 2021 USSF M= 2021

Officials can also check their status directly by going to the US Soccer Learning Center and reviewing the current licenses listed under your profile.  There should be an active one for each position for which you are registered for 2021.  The link below will take you to the Learning Center.

US Soccer Learning Center

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