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Monday, August 26, 2019


1) What age do I need be to referee?

Age 13 and Below

Due to North Carolina labor laws, all Referee's must be above the age of 13. You may complete the online registration and complete all Online Coursework within 3 months prior to your Birthday. You cannot step onto a field to referee until your 14th Birthday. This includes all Out Of State referee's.

Age 14 and Above

Once your birthday has passed you may referee in North Carolina.


2) How do I register to referee?

New Referee and Recertifying (In State)

FIRST, both Entry Level and Recertifying Referees complete the 2020 Arbitersports USSF Referee Registration.

New Referees will complete the 2020 New Referee Registration.

Click here for the 2020 New Referee Registration

Recertifying Referees will complete the 2020 Referee Registration.

Click here for the 2020 Recertification Registration

SECOND, both New and Recertifying Referees MUST create a US Soccer Learning Center Profile after completing the Arbitersports Registration.

Please use the following Tutorial to help

US Soccer Learning Center - Signing Up

This link will open our YouTube Page


Grassroots Recertifying (Recently moved to NC)

Recertifying Referee's that have recently moved to NC still complete the same registration above, but please have your USSF ID Number ready to add into the Arbitersports system.

Please complete all the online material that pertains to your recertifying grade level. 

If you have registered and certified with another state before moving to NC, then you are considered an Out Of State Referee.


Out Of State

Referee's that have certified in another state but wish to referee in North Carolina need to complete the Out Of State Registration.

Click here to find the Out Of State Registration


3) What is the price of Registration?


New Referee (14-17 years old)


Recertifying Referee (14-17)


$100.00 + $20.00 (After October 1st)

Recertifying (18 and older)


$100.00 + $20.00 (After October 1st)


US Soccer Learning Center

Grassroots New Referee (14-17 years old)



4) Which Grade will I be?

All Referees will be considered Grassroots Referees, unless they are Regional Referees.

North Carolina will still continue to use Grade 8, Grade 7, Grade 6 and Grade 5, but these Grades are for assignment and age purpose only.

Ages 14-17

Referee's of between this age are automatically slotted to become Grassroots - Grade 8 Referee's.

Ages 18 and Above

Referee's of this age are automatically slotted to become Grassroots - Grade 7 Referee's. Regional Referees will be considered Grade 6 or Grade 5.


5) I have paid my registration on Arbiter, now what?

Grassroots New Referees

All New Grassroots Referee's must complete their online course material within the new US Soccer Learning Center. To locate the online course, please return to the Learning Center.

Please use the following Tutorial to help

US Soccer Learning Center - Online Course

This link will open our YouTube Page

Please contact the NCSRA Office if you have not yet gained access to the online course.

Please use the email address:


Grassroots Recertifying Referees

All Grassroots Recertyifng Referees MUST creat a Proflie on the US Soccer Learning Center. All Recertifying Referees will comple the US Soccer Grassroots Referee course. If you need assistance to create a profile on the Learning Center, please reference Question 2 above.

Please contact the NCSRA Office if you have not yet gained access to the online course.

Please use the email address:


6) I'm not able to access the online course in the Learning Center?

Please contact the NCSRA Office Staff at


7) Do I need to attend an In Class Clinic?

Grassroots New Referees


It is mandated by US Soccer that all Grassroots New Referees attend a Practical Field Training Clinic.

NCSRA will hold a number of training clinic's throughout the state. These clinics must be attended before any New Referee can be assigned a game.

Grassroots Recertifying Referees


Recertifying Grassroots Referees are not required to attend a Practical Training Clinic. However, if one is available in your area, you are free to attend. Contact your local Assignor so they know you wouldl like to attend.

Regional Referees


All Regional Referees and Regional Referee Candidates must attend a Regional Referee Clinic and an In-Person Training Clinic. This is a mandated requirement for certification and recertification.

As for 2020, the In-Person Clinic has been waived for North Carolina.


8) When do I need to attend an Practical Field Training Clinic?

All Grassroots New Referees MUST attend an Practical Field Training Clinic before they can step on the field.

To find a Practical Field Training Session, please act as an Official under the USSF-NC Group. Click the Schedule Tab, and then click the Self-Assign sub-tab. From there the list of available Practical Field Training Sessions and the available slots will be shown.


Please use the following Tutorial to help

Arbitersports - In-Person Clinic

This link will open our YouTube Page


9) How do I get back to the Learning Center?

Please return to the US Soccer Learning Center.

A direct link here:


10) Do I need to complete a Physical Fitness Test?

Physical Fitness Test's are for only Advanced Referees. Grassroots Referee's are not required to pass this type of event.

Advanced Referees Grades are:

Regional Referee Candidate - Grade 7A

Regional Referee Grade 6 & Grade 5 (State Referee's)


11) Do I need a Background Check?

During registration, all persons MUST consent to both sections of the background history check. This step is simply part of the registration.

Background checks will be completed for all persons 18 and older by NCSRA Staff. It is needed to ensure that all person's involved with Youth and Adult soccer in North Carolina are safe.

ALL Referee's associated with NC Soccer must complete this application. Background checks include Out of State Referee's. Consenting to a background check is part of the registration process and is completed by the State Referee Administrator periodically. 

If your background check does not show as completed, then you have not consented. This means that when the Office runs background checks, you will not be included.

Click here to complete the Consent Form

US Soccer currently provides a National Background Check within the Learning Center. Currenlty the cost of the Background Check is $30.00. You should not pay or complete this background check. If you have paid for it, we cannot provide a refund for you.



12) Do I need to complete the Learning Center Background Check?


Do not pay or complete the $30.00 background check in the US Soccer Learning Center. North Carolina uses Peopletrail which is integrated into the Arbitersports Website. 


13) Why am I having difficultly with the US Soccer Learning Center Online Course?

Please be sure that you are following the directions correctly. At times, there may be sections where you must click on a specific location or watch a video before moving on.

If you have further issues, please contact the US Soccer Learning Center Support Staff. They can be contacted here:


14) Why are the Arbiter online courses not showing as complete?

You must completely view, listen and watch ALL slides and answer all questions at the end of each course. All of these courses must be completed on a desktop computer or laptop NOT on iPad or tablet devices. If completion criteria has not been met then you have not done something. If you missed any questions, later on you can resume the course and correct any questions you have missed.


15) I’ve completed the Arbiter coursework but why am I still not getting a green checkmark in my Eligibility Center?

After completion of the online coursework the system needs to refresh. It may take up from 12-24 hours for changes to be made. This also includes the eligibility icon.


16) I've completed all of my requirements, now what?

Next, purhcase a uniform and the equipment you will need as a Referee. You can find information about Uniforms on the link below.

Referee Uniforms

Also, contact your local Assignor and inform them that you have completed your requirements and that would like discuss information about receiving assignments. Your Assignor will further advise you.

The NCSRA Office will send you your Badge in the mail via the US Postal System. Please stand by until you receive it. If you haven't received your badge within a few weeks, please contact the NCSRA Office.


17) How do I contact my Local Assignor?

Contact them by email. The Assignor will give you their phone number at a later time.


Assignor Number Spreadsheet

Use the Assignors List Spreadsheet above to discover your local Assignor.

First, you will need to find which Area you live in North Carolina.

There are a total of 8 Areas.

Area 1 Coastal South (Wilmington)

Area 2 Coastal Central (Jacksonville, Greenville)

Area 3 Triangle Area

Area 4 Central (Fayetteville, Sanford)

Area 5 Greensboro Area

Area 6 Winston-Salem Area

Area 7 Charlotte & Gastonia Areas

Area 8 Western NC (Asheville)


After you have found which Area you live in.

Start by finding the City(Area) you live in or near. 

On the same row, find the Assigor's name and his/her Assignor ID Number. The Assignor's email address will be listed on the same row.


18) How do I know if I’m eligible to referee in North Carolina?

For North Carolina, referee's will know that they are ready to referee if they have eligibility icons on their personal profile.

To view them:

Log into the USSF Arbitersports.

Click on Profile tab on the right hand side

Under the photograph image, you should see the icons that pertain to you.

Click here to view the icon descriptions


19) How do I receive a Badge?

Entry Level Referee's

All Entry Level and Recertifying Referee's will receive their badge from the NCSRA office once they have completed their online coursework.

Purchasing an Additional Badge?

Only referee's that have been uploaded to US Soccer may request an additional badge.

Click here to view more information


20) How do I locate my personal USSF ID Number?

Only referees that have been uploaded to the US Soccer Database will have a 16 digit USSF-ID Number 0000-0000-0000-0000. New Referees will get their number after they have completed the certification requirements.

You can find your USSF ID Number by looking at your custom fields under your profile. This number is manually added to your profile. If you know you have one and it is not there, please contact the NCSRA Office at


21) Why am I not receiving game assignments?

Please be sure that your Local Area Assingor knows that you are a ready to referee by emailing them informing them of your needs and availablity.

Next check over the steps below:

1) Look at your profile's custom field settings. Your assignor numbers may not be correct on your Custom Fields profile.

To find your custom fields, Log into the Arbiter and act as an Official.

Click on the Profile Tab,

Then click on the Custom Fields Link on the left side of the page.

Search for "USSF ARA & Assignor #(s)"

ARA & Assignor Numbers YouTube Video

Assignors List Spreadsheet

Once you add the numbers, please allow the system to update 24 hours. During this time you will be added to your Assignors list of Referees. You can add up to ONLY 4 Assignor Numbers at one time like this (##)(##)(##)(##).

After waiting 24 hours; if you would like to add more Assignor Numbers, delete the numbers orginially added, and add the next numbers. The system will then need to update another 24 hours. Once it has updated, you will be added to a total of eight Assignors, versus four.


2) Look at your blocks tab and ensure that your not blocked to receive assignments.

Blocks Tab YouTube Video

3) You may not be marked ready on your profile.

Click the "Ready" checkbox on your profile so assignors will know that you're ready.

4) You may not be marked Active in the system by Administrators.

This is a permission that only administrators can change. Your records may not be processed if you are an Out Of State Referee. Contact your local assignor to help you understand why you have been marked inactive.

You will be marked inactive, due to denial by a Criminal Background History Check. Please contact the NCSRA Office if you feel as if you should not be denied.

If all of the above items are correct on your profile, please be sure that you contact your local area assignor to inform them that you are ready to referee. Contacting them via email is the best way for you to begin communicating your needs and your assignors needs to one another.


22) How to sign up for a tournament?

1) Tournament Invitations are sent out a few weeks prior to a tournament by email.

Review the invitation email and look for the tournament codes that are provided in the email. Each tournament has a specific code.

The codes will resemble this:



2) In Arbitersports while acting as an Official, go to your personal profile.

3) On the left side of the screen, click Custom Fields

Scroll down to the USSF-NC Section and look for the Tournaments section.

4) Locate the tournament dates

It will resemble this:

Tournaments 1-7-8-17 (Which means January 7-8 2017)

5) Click the dropdown box next to the tournament date of your choosing

6) Click the tournament code you would like

Typically there will be multiple tournament codes in the dropdown box. Please be sure that you are selecting the correct tournament code.

The "H" (xxxx17H) at the end of each code stands for "Housing" or "Hotel".

Selecting a code with an "H" lets the assignor know that you are requestings housing for this tournament.

All persons under the age of 18 requesting housing, MUST be accompanied by a parent or Adult/Guardian.


23) When do I need to Re-Certify?

Referee registration begins and ends with a fiscal year from July to June. Completion of the a Registration allows you to referee the entire calendar year. Each year, Referee’s must recertify during the fiscal year so they can referee the next or current calendar year, depending when they complete the registration. Failure to complete the registration prior to October 1st, a late fee will be charged to recertifying referee’s. Failure to complete the registration to recertify within the fiscal year, will not allow a person to referee during that calendar year, even if they complete the NEXT calendar year’s registration.

Example: Not completing the 2019 registration but completing the 2020 registration will only allow that person to referee in 2020 (Jan-Dec).



24) What is the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) Risk Management?

Risk Management is North Carolina's version of a National Background Check. It is needed to ensure that all person's involved with Youth and Adult soccer in North Carolina are safe.

ALL Assignors associated with NC Soccer must complete this application.


25) I received my USSF ID Card; it is showing Grade 7 not Grade 7A?

Your USSF registration card will only show Grade 7. Grade 7A is a North Carolina established grade so the administration can keep record of who may be intending to upgrade to State Referee. In North Carolina 7A is considered an "advanced" track and it is different than being a Grade 7.


26) How do I upgrade to a higher level?

There are a set of specific requirements for each grade from Grade 7, Grade 7A, Grade 6 and Grade 5.

Click here to view those requirements

In addition there are also steps that are needed to completed by the referee in order to upgrade.

Click here to view those steps


27) How do I know if I've successfully upgraded?

By looking on your personal profile you will see the eligibility icons underneath your photograph. The icons will reflect the coursework that you have completed.

If you are upgrading to State Referee (Grade 6) you are not successfully upgraded until you have been uploaded to the US Soccer Salesforce Database.

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