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Upgrade Procedure and Requirements

Upgrade Procedure and Requirements

Monday, July 11, 2016
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You must be at least a Grade 7 Referee to upgrade


Steps to Upgrade

1) Register for the current year. During the registration adjust your Referee Grade to:

GRRNRE - Grassroots National Refereee Emeritus
GRRRC - Grassroots Regional Referee Candidate
GRRSRE - Grassroots Regional Referee Emeritus

RR - Regional Referee

If you would like to change your Referee Grade, contact the NCSRA Office.

2) Fill out a match log spreadsheet. It must be submitted and then approved by NCSRA. The amount of games needed to upgrade are based upon which grade you wish to become. All games must follow the match log template. For North Carolina, we only recognize Referee positions. We no longer count Assistant Referee positions for upgrade. 

Click here for Information pertaining to game count numbers.


Click here for archived NC games.

Click here to download a blank match log template.

Click here to submit your match log

Click here to submit your match log if the above link did not work

3) After the match log has been approved, this will begin the 12 month period in which you must complete the requirements for either Grade 7A, NC State Referee or Regional Referee.


  • All requirements must be completed within the fiscal registration year (July 1st - June 30th). The exception is for upgrade/maintenance assessments that are obtained during January 1st - June 30th prior to the next registration year.
  • Review the requirements for each Grade on the Referee Grade Description Page below:

Grade Descriptions and Details


Need to know how to request an assessment?

Click here for Requesting An Assessment

After each upgrade/maintenance assessment, Referee's MUST send a PDF copy of your feedback received from your assessor to the NCSRA office via email to

Please contact you assessor for your assessment feedback if you do not receive it. -Updated 5/19/15


Assessment Payment

ALL Assessment payments are the responsibility of the Referee.

ANY 2018 or after assessment from a North Carolina State Assessor OR a North Carolina National Referee Coach, requires that assessment registration payment be made BEFORE the assessment.  MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE CORRECT PAYMENT REGISTRATION FOR THE YEAR TO WHICH YOU WANT THE ASSESSMENT CREDITED.  I.E. 2018 OR 2019.

Payment for Assessments are a flat fee of $80.00 per assessment 

It is recommended that you pay for the 2nd assessment after you have completed the first. 

The assessment payment links for both Grassroots 7A and Regional Referee are below. Use 2020 for the next registration year.


2021 Regional Referee/7A Assessment Payment 1

2021 Regional Referee Assessment Payment 2

2021 Regional Referee Assessment Payment 3


2022 Assessment Payment 1

2022 Assessment Payment 2

2022 Assessment Payment 3


AFTER getting Formally Assessed 

Referees are instructed to contact their Assessor if they have not received their feedback with in two weeks. If the Referee does not receive their feedback within 30 days, they should contact the State Director of Assessment.


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