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Referee Registration (Closed for New Referees until 7-1-16)
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Access to registration from this website will reopen for all referees for 2017 on July 1, 2016.  (Advanced Grade 2017 registration will open before May 20, 2016 but will not be through this page).

2016 Registration is now closed to new referees and restricted for recertifying referees.  Recertifying Referees can still register through June 1, 2016 but must have all require coursework completed by June 10, 2016 or registration for 2016 will not be permitted.

Please read this entire page before registering.

New Referee's

New Referee's that complete this registation will be eligilbe to referee the remaining months of all of 2016.

Recertifying Referee's

Recertifying Referee's that complete this registration will be eligible to referee ONLY in 2016. This registration will NOT allow you to referee in 2015.

2016 Grade Qualifications

Grade 8

All persons under 16 years of age will be considered Grade 8 Referee's.


Grade 7

All persons 17 and older will automatically become Grade 7 Referee's.


To complete your 2016 Registration please follow the 3 steps below.

1) Registration And Payment

The link is located at the bottom of this page.


2) Online Requirements

After completion of the registration, please complete the online coursework required for your grade.


Online Course's

The coursework can be found on the USSF Central Hub's main page by clicking the Online Clinic's tab or the Eligibility tab in the black bar at the top of this page.


Under the Online Clinic's tab

Complete the 2016 course that is available for you. 

OR you may need to go to the Eligbility tab.

Under the Eligiblity tab

New Referee's

Click on 2016 New Grade 8 if you are 16  or younger.

Click on 2016 New Grade 7 (Age 17) if you are 17.

Click on 2016 New Grade 7 if you are 18 and older.


Recertifying Referee's

Click on 2016 Recert Grade 8 (2) if you are 16 or younger.

Click on 2016 Recert Grade 7 (Age 17) (2) if you are 17.

Click on 2016 Recert Grade 7 (2) if you are 18 and older.



Online Tests can be found on the USSF Central Hub's main page by clicking the Testing tab in the black bar.

Pass the 2016 Test that is available for your grade.


3) In Class Clinic Requirement

Completion of the online clinic's and testing will provide an eligiblity icon. This will allow you to work even though you have not attended an In Class Clinic yet.

If you cannot attend an In Class Clinic during a particular day or weekend, please choose another clinic that is available. Clinic offerings are meant for your convinence.


New Referee's

All New Entry Level Referee's that are Grade 8 or Grade 7 must attend an In Class Clinic.



All Recertifying Grade 8 Referee's MUST attend a Clinic.

Recertifying Referee's that are currently Grade 7's or upgrading to Grade 7 do NOT need to attend. 



In Class Clinics can be viewed under Referee Clinics on the right side of this webpage.



This link will be reactivated after June 30, 2016 for 2017 registration

2016 USSF Referee Registration



Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info

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