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Referee Mentor Course Resources

Referee Mentor Course Resources

Sunday, December 13, 2020
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Below are links for the registration and course material access for the 2021 Mentor Course.  If you have any questions or problems relating to this course please contact the State Director of Instruction Abbas Piran at Mentor Course Issues.

Mentor Course Resource Materials

To use the Mentor Registration Link below you must already be a member of the USSF-NC Arbiter Group 102762 as a referee, assessor, instructor, etc.  If you do not already have an access to this group you will need to complete the account activation link below and thereafter you will be able to access the registration.

2021 Referee Mentor Registration


Account Activation Link

Only use the link above if you DO NOT already have an access to the NCSRA USSF-NC Arbiter Group 102762 account.

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