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Out of State Referee Registration

Out of State Referee Registration

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
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Out of State Registration


Registering as an Out Of State Referee

Step 1) Complete the Out Of State Registration

You must complete the registration to get into our system.

You also must complete the Background Check Consent section.

Click here to complete the Out Of State Registration


The link below is available if you forgot to complete the Background Consent section in the registration.

Click here for the Background Consent Form


Step 2) Email the NCSRA Office

Please note that you MUST be registered with another state and proof of that registration must be given to the NCSRA Office Staff.

That information can be provided by the two most common ways:

  • The USSF National Database
  • A Letter of Good Standing from your State Referee Administrator (SRA) stating that you are registered.

The above information must be given to the NCSRA Office Staff by email so you can be processed.

Click here for email information

Click here if the above link did not work for you.




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