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New 2022 Eligibilities Instructions

New 2022 Eligibilities Instructions

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
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New Arbiter Eligibilities for 2022 are now open

(If there are any issues with these please contact Marianne at the office at

To reach the new Eligibility Center, after you log into your Arbiter official’s main page, go to the Arbiter Central Hub.  From there click on the Eligibility tab.  When that is done another window will appear with the question “Proceed to Eligibility?” Click on “continue”. At that point you should see the Eligibility Dashboard.  From there you will see two relevant eligibilities “2022 New Referee” or “2022 Recert Referee all grades”. Once you click on a tier you will see the various available levels or tiers within that eligibility.  On the right side of the page, you will see a box with an “enroll” bar at the bottom.  It will list all of the tiers and you can select those you wish to possibly complete.  You must choose “enroll” to be able to access the requirements listed in the selected eligibility. Once a requirement has been met there will be a green check beside them.  The “in person events” cannot be completed by any referee.  The requirements are completed by the office when information that those requirements have been met are received.  These address things such as confirming completion of Safesport Training, or PFT and Assessment requirements.

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