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2018 USSF Registration Information

2018 USSF Registration Information

Friday, June 02, 2017
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2018 Registration Changes

The State Referee Committee approved the 2018 registration process including several significant changes on Sunday January 29, 2017.  The highlights are set forth below to provide advanced notification. 

Registration for 2018 will open after July 1, 2017 and close on June 30, 2018.


2018 Registration Fees

Entry Level Grade 8 (Referees between 14-17): $80.00

Recertifying Grade 8 (Referees between 14-17) $80.00

Entry Level Grade 7 (Referees 18 and older): $100.00

Recertifying Grade 7 (Referees 18 and older): $100.00

Lifetime Referee Members (All positions): $0.00


Advanced Grade Referees

Grade 7A, Grade 6, Grade 5 (Referees 18 and older): $100.00

State & National Emeritus (Referees 45 and older): $100.00



Assessors & Instructors (All Grades): $100.00

Assignors: $150.00

All Recertifying Registrations will inclur an additional $20.00 late payment fee after October 1st. This late registration fee does not apply to registrations completed before October 1st or to Entry Level Referee's and Assignors.

$80.00 + $20.00 = $100.00

$100.00 + $20.00 = $120.00

$145.00 + $20.00 = $165.00



ALL courses required for recertification for 2018 will be online.

There will be no required in person clinic for any Grade.

NCSRA will offer advanced level in class and on field training for referee improvement throughout the year, but these events will be optional.


Advanced Grade Requirements

Grade 7A (Advanced Grade 7)

Completion of the Grade 7 Coursework and Exam

Submission and approval of Match Log to the SAC

Passing a Physical Fitness Test

Assessments are no longer required


Grade 6 (State Referee)

Completion of the Grade 6 Coursework and Exam

Submission and approval of Match Log to the SAC

Passing the State Referee Physical Fitness Test

Passing two Formal Assessments by two different State Assessors or National Referee Coaches.


Grade 5 (National Referee Candidate)

All Grade 5 referees must complete the Grade 6 requirements and when additional Grade 5 requirements have been met, NCSRA will notify USSF of the change in grade.

Those requirements are:

Passing either the Referee or the Assistant Referee Physical Fitness Test. These PFTs are also difficult to stage so there will not be many opportunities.

Passing Three Formal Assessments by three different National Coaches.

Grade 6 assessments may count towards Grade 5 if those assessments are completed by two different National Referee Coaches.


Assessment Payment

As of Feburary 5th 2017, ALL Assessments towards 2018 will be the responsibility of the Referee.

ANY 2018 assessment from this point on requires that assessment registration payment be made BEFORE the assessment.

Payment for Assessments are a flat fee of $80.00 per assessment 


If you have already completed one or both 2018 assessments then NCSRA is paying for those and you are rewarded for your diligence. 


Additional Advanced Grade Requirements

ALL Grade 7A, Grade 6, or Grade 5 referees must officiate at two (2) or more state tournament events. 

The following events will satisfy this requirement:

NCYSA Regional ODP Tournament (January)

NCYSA Boys State Cup tournament (April-May)

USASA/NCASA Regional Championships (June)

USYSA/NCYSA Regional Championships (June)

NCASA Celebrate the Ta Tas Tournament (September)

NCYSA Girls State Cup (October-November)

NCASA Carolinas Cup Tournament (December)

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