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  • 7/27/2014

    As was announced earlier, North Carolina was pleased to have had 4 of our Regional Delegation Officials selected to attend the USYS National Championships to serve as referees and assistant referees for that Competition.  The officials selected to attend as referees were Michael Gregory and Kaylib Robinson.  The officials selected to attend as assistant referees were Ryan Graves and Derek View.  Unfortunately Derek was unable to attend due to school committments however, he has been selected to attend the ODP National Championships later in the year.  Pictured below is one of shots of the trip of the three officials who were selected.  Additional photos are in the full article.

    Pictured above from left to right: Michael Gregory, Kaylib Robinson & Ryan Graves

  • 6/27/2014

    The 2014 USY Region III Championships recently concluded in Baton Rouge, LA and the North Carolina Referee Delegation was there in force.Pictured below is the delegation at Jackson Square in New Orleans.

  • 4/18/2014

    NCSRA has announced significant changes to the USSF Grade & Registration structure for 2015 registration which opens July 1, 2014 and which for Advanced referees and state referees has a deadline declaration window from May 1-June 1, 2014.  See 2015 Registration Area for mroe details.

  • 1/26/2014

    The Board of Directors for NCYSA has approved a referee game fee increase for implementation in Fall 2014.  An approved fee schedule can be downloaded from the link in this section.

  • 11/17/2013

    NCYSA Women's State Cup Finals Referees Fall 2013

    see article for photo

  • 10/26/2013

    New Associate Assessor Course will be held December 21-22, 2013 in Greensboro, NC at the Airport Marriott Hotel

  • 7/13/2013

    Female FIFA Referees serve as lead instructors at NCSRA/TISOA Summer Clinic.

    Pictured below:

    Sandra Serafini, Kari Seitz, Kim Oberle, Marlene Duffy (all FIFA or former FIFA officials)

  • 6/28/2013

    USYS Region III Championships NCSRA Delegation Photos

  • 6/2/2013

    Welcome to the NCSRA Website!

    2013 Registration is now closed. 2014 Registration will open after July 1, 2013.

    2014 Registration Instructions - Go to the USSF Registration Page on this website, the tab for which is on the left-hand side of the main site page.

    This is the website for the NCSRA and all policies, procedures and information from the State Referee Committee and the NCSRA Administrative Staff will be posted here.  This is the site where any USSF Referee needing information regarding the program in North Carolina should look.

  • 5/4/2013

    Additional Required Referee equipment for the first week of State Cup play

  • 3/6/2013

    You may have noticed NCSRA's new logo.  Pictured below is our New Logo Design Winner Colin Dalton with the New Logo.  The logo contest was open to all entrants and selection was made without knowing anything about the designers,  It just so happens Colin is also a referee.

    NCSRA New Logo Design Winner Colin Dalton with New Logo

  • 2/4/2012

    Letter from SRC-C Ken George to all referees regarding future directions of the NCSRA referee program.

    My Fellow Referees:

    Many changes have taken place in the past few months concerning the North Carolina State Referee Program (SRP.) I have accepted the position as President of NCSRA, Inc and Chairman of the State Referee Committee (SRC-C) appointed jointly by the Presidents of NCASA and NCYSA. I did so, not as an administrator, but as a referee. I felt it imperative that the SRC-C was first and foremost a referee. Perhaps more importantly one who had worked their way up from the entry level grade 8 to earning their National badge right here in North Carolina. I believe my experiences “growing up” within the North Carolina SRP have given me a unique perspective that will be most beneficial to our referee program.  The Chairman coordinates the State Referee Committee which provides overall supervisory authority for carrying out the State Referee Program administered by the State Referee Administrative officers for the NCASA and the NCYSA, and ensures compliance with the National Program for Referee Development of the United States Soccer Federation through the State Referee Program.

    My first 2 priorities as SRC-C are to make our program transparent and to give more autonomy to our hard working Area Referee Administrators, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors.

    Transparency: Our SRP will be guided by clearly defined, written policies approved by the SRC.  Our SRP Policy Manual (under construction) will be posted on our website for all to use and reference. All our financial dealings will be subject to periodic review and audit. We will, at a minimum, publish an annual financial report for your review.  We will be asking you members of our “referee family” to actively participate in the growth and strategic development of our organization, to provide constructive thoughts and feedback on our future.

    Autonomy: Our hard working Area Referee Administrators, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors deserve and have earned the right to be somewhat autonomous. They will be able to make decisions without undue influence, guided by the policy manual. There will be only limited oversight which again will be guided by the policy manual.

    Of the changes we have made none are more significant than the change in the SRA position. Paul James has accepted appointment by the Presidents of NCASA and NCYSA to fill that role. I would personally like to thank John Bouda for his many years of service as the SRA; our program is one of this best in the nation due to his efforts. We have hired Steve Halstead as our full time Operations Manager and moved the NCSRA, Inc offices to Greensboro.  We have kept Steve extremely busy; please use your local ARA before contacting him. As you all know we have transitioned to an on-line registration program thanks to Paul James and all the hard work he put into it. We are working on a policy manual that will be our guide as a referee program. We hope to be able to post parts of it on-line very soon to solicit your input.

    In closing, I sincerely believe that we, the North Carolina State Referee Program are a family, working together as such for the development of this great game of soccer. It is our great honor to serve you, the referee’s and to aid in your training, education, development and advancement.


    Ken George

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